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yeah, I think that is the only hot rod I have a pic of haha.



You need to fix that!

Tell me about it. Back before I had stuff to do (like 2 years ago) I’d go over to /auto or whatever at 4 chan and just save all the good shit I found. Jalopnik also use to do a weekly wallpaper segment and always had ballin shit and I would save those too. I haven’t been on it much in recent months haha. Sorry.

Don’t sweat it, pal. I know exactly what you mean.

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What do you think of a 2000 Civic hatchback, with a turbocharged B series? I was thinking of doing that for a first project. Something to have fun with and maybe run some autocross.








A few things to talk about here…

I like the Civics, very fun and nimble. Turboing the B-Series is very easy and cheap with eBay junk. You could easily do it as a first project, exception of tuning, I’d leave that to the pros.

Now, if you wanted to run autocross and ran a turbo’d Civic, you’d be put in a class that is most likely out of your league. 

My opinion is this: Get the Civic, drive the Civic, love the Civic. Modify the Civic slowly and stay within a class where your skill is competitive and hone your skills. When you’re ready to move on, either turbocharge the B-Series or swap in a K-Series (K > B).

Literally the only thing that determines B vs K is preference

Andrew here loves K series because he had one in his RSX

While Marcus loves B series because he has one in his EG.

It’s preference really

Straight up wrong. The K-Series makes more power and responds to modifications much better than the B-Series. It’s a win-win swapping to K.

It’s not a win win Ya doof. There’s plenty of cars with B series outperforming Ks.

good lord people. 

When egos clash on tumblr its quite exciting to see

Shutup Mike. Go back to your shitposting.